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I feel sometimes that, society sometimes wants to curve our desires, other people want things and, they try to bend reality into one they like, one in which their dreams come true. That's okay, I suppose we should all do that, or maybe teamwork is rather the answer. What's required for a society to march in a clear, single direction. A good leader perhaps. But what if this good leader is also just being whimsical like everybody else, which let's be honest it's usually the case.
I am trying to go pro, as an illustrator. Freelance, I'd love to work at a studio but you know, where I live, you don't got that many options. I had a studio job a few years ago when I had just gotten out of school, and I eventually left because they were just exploiting me and, well they paid VERY little money so I figured Id just teach English... (since I made in 4 hrs there what I made in 12 at the mobile games studio) thing is... even though I've taught English for four years, it got to a point in which I really couldn't stand it anymore. I like teaching, I mean it's nice if you dig it, but I really got frustrated, I wanted to draw and design, and tell stories. So I guess I have to make this work, because there is no way I am going back to teaching English, well I am still teaching, but I will be done in 3 weeks. I have been getting comissions and they already pay me more than my current job, so I am happy for that, also I get plenty of compliments for which I am really grateful and make me work even harder.

I want to become an AWESOME illustrator, I mean I have to. I am 30 now so I gotta get good, and I gotta get good fast, in fact I recently bought my digital tablet and I am making progress. Also I bought Sakura pens, one of my students recommended me, and daamn they are good, my work is so much cleaner now... Anyways, not trying to diss teaching, it was just not for me I guess, once an artist, always an artist.
I first found this web page when I was 17. I'd loved drawing since always. Coming to this web page was awesome because I saw others who shared my passion, and were good at it. I saw many other Mexican artists I admired at the time, and I took from them what I felt I liked to see in my own work. Unfortunately, I was doing school, I was working, I got myself in a rock band, and I "deviated" from my passion. I have done many things since then. I think, I didnt have focus all these years... Coming back to this web page, even though nobody seems to read my stuff or even check my drawings much, it's simbolic of my return, to the art of illustration.
One more page to finish Smitten, Ive worked on it for a while, Smitten is my own webcomic I am working on and it will be published through in full colour.

Please visit my own webpage.…
It's been a long time since I last got into drawing, I'm coming back, I'll start posting again... this time I will learn how to color as well. I am preparing a new comic book for
Wow, its been forever since I got into Deviantart for the first time, Im 25 now and back then I was 17, now I teach English and sing in a band, this webpage will always be so nostalgic for me. KUDOS! I guess I never posted a picture of me. Although I doubt theres anyone here left from the first month I began posting drawings... I was really into drawing comics back then.


One Character- Pencils: $12.00 Ink: +$ 3.00
Group Illustration- Pencils: $35.00 Ink: +$15.00
Fanart- Pencils: $15.00 Ink: +$ 3.00
Character Illustration with BG- Pencils: $20.00 Ink: +$ 5.00
Group Illustration with BG- Pencils: $50.00 Ink: +$20.00
Comic Page: $45.00 Ink: +$15.00

Well thats that I guess, any questions, send me a note plz!


I wont draw other artists style.
I only accept paypal for payment.

The Dandelion original graphic novel will be released in September 2010 by ARCANA COMICS. The book will be 154 pages, sized 10.2 x 6.8 x 1.5 inches, and retail for $19.95. Track it by the official ISBN 978-1897548851 (ISBN-10: 1897548850).…
Well the page is called New Haven Comics, check it out! it was just uploaded last night so only the first eight pages intro is available, but it will be updated twice a week beggining monday, may 11, anyway check it out! lol
HELLOOOO~ Im working on a web comic right now, it`s called Zero`s Heroes, its the story of failed heroes who gather to fight evil and whatever makes them feel like they`ve failed in their lives, the intro along with character profiles should be online early next month, and it will be updated twice a week.

There will be another comic besides Zero`s Heroes, called THE CELESTIAL,drawn by another artist but it looks cool too.

Well thats that, I guess my deviant art is like dead right now after such long periods of inactivity, but I will be posting stuff more often now that I have time to draw again.

As in the beggining when I started this account, I hope u help me improve my drawing skills and also enjoy my work.

Ill post an update once the Zero`s Heroes is online. THANKS!
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We need an artist for an ongoing webcomic. The pay is $30 a page or $40 if you do your own inks. You must be able to complete two pages a week, although we plan to be a few weeks ahead of schedule, so you should have some wiggle room if something comes up.

This is a superhero comic. We are accepting all styles, the only condition we ask is that it be easily read in black and white because there are no plans to color the comic as of yet.

A little about the comic itself:

The book is called The Celestial, and stars the eponymous character. Having been gone for four decades, the worlds most powerful and popular superhero returns to much media sensation. Her return sets off a series of events that could threaten the very fabric of reality itself. The book plans to explore themes about the morality of power and the repercussions of choices made. As the artist, you should expect to draw big superhero action, cosmic shenanigans, and lots of boring conversations about morality. The book will be appearing side by side with another superhero book in the same shared universe.
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Ive got to gather some muhnee for tuition, I really dont need much dough tho, just like 200 bucks, so Ive decided to do commissions for a while.


One Character-                            Pencils: $12.00 Ink: +$ 3.00
Group Illustration-                       Pencils: $35.00 Ink: +$15.00
Fanart-                                   Pencils: $15.00 Ink: +$ 3.00
Character Illustration with BG-           Pencils: $20.00 Ink: +$ 5.00
Group Illustration with BG-               Pencils: $50.00 Ink: +$20.00

Well thats that I guess, any questions, send me a note plz!


I wont draw other artists style.
I preffer paypal for payment.


DANDELION WILL BE PUBLISHED BY ARCANA STUDIOS hopefully this year or early next year =D

Dandelion will be a 150 pages long story composed of six chapters, and it will be sold as a graphic novel.

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Hadn`t watched the Dark Knight, I did today and I loved it, The Joker rules, I don`t know the name of the actor, but I know he died after filming the movie, a real a shame, he could`ve been one of those legendary actors, actually I believe he`s become one now.
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Well it`s been a long while since the last time I actually sat down and decided to draw, I had been working on other psychological issues of my own, I guess it`s just the normal process of ones evolution to adulthood.

Getting along with people well, finding a well suited balance has proven to be... challenging, I try to be fair with myself and others as well but I no longer seek to be what would traditionally be called a "good person", and it`s interesting to see that It`s in fact a global phenomena, specially among teenagers.

Yesterday I was at my younger sister`s graduation from elementary school, I was thirsty so I went to grab a cone of water. A little boy of maybe 4 or 5 years old saw me looking for a jug that wouldn't be empty and told me "SIR, THE WATER DISPENSER IS OVER THERE" and it was very funny because he sounded so formal and well he was such a small child, hearing him say that really made me feel old hahaha, I mean damn I`m only 22! only 22...only..22...


Seriously though it was very interesting, come to think of it, quite some ages or stages of my life have died so far, and essentially I still am young, but to think I am an adult now, really made me have a totally new and fresher idea of what I will probably experience in the coming years.

For a long time, thanks to depression and I guess other factors, the feeling that I could achieve anything I wanted was gone, non existent, vanished, under the radar, fucked up, dead...

And now it is back! not in the same form as it was before, but it is definitely back. Drawing... singing...writing...paiting, those are mere ways for me to express my feelings on something tangible, they helped me, protect me, while I was a teenager, but now I have to find a way to... make money out of em!, you know help me achieve my goal as an adult. you know, get pro.

I don`t see it as a dream, dreams are too vague, they can be good engines, but they alone won`t do, in order to reach a goal, one must find or create yourself a project.

Those who waste their time running away or bullshitting themselves, make very hard on them, the beautiful truth to live without regrets.
Taramba daba dubi da ne forenal, corotozadeno dumpi dabavafalfur tronqui saranogi, TARAMBA DABA DUBI DOOOOMP!
A LA V*&GA ya ha pasado un rato! hace tanto tiempo que no dibujo? wow! tantas cosas han pasado desde entonces!

Me hice un PC GAMER jugaba muchos chuters, como call of duty, hasta aprendi a armar computadoras! todo un geek! hahha luego me enamore, me botaron y me hice EMO! entonces me dio por cantar y escribir rolas, y vivir deprimido. Luego me meti a trabajar para pagar la escuela y no pensar en mis desgracias! pero salio peor por que me fue mal en la escuela y mas caro me salio reprobar, lo cual me deprimio mas! a por sierto lo olvide mencionar tambien me meti al gimnasio y me engrane un ratillo en esa onda.

En fin toque fondo hace unas semanas y ahorita estoy en un plan de curacion o recuperacion o como se llame, lo bueno es que nunca me hice alcoholico o drogo, pero algo que quiero hacer es terminar Dandelion de una vez por todas, el dejarlo a medias fue parte de mis trajedias tambien.

Ahora quiero retomar lo que me gusta hacer que es contar historias, y claro aun me gustan las computadoras los shooters y la musica.

Hace poco pense, a la joda con todo, hare lo que sea necesario por ser feliz, la vida es muy corta para vivir el sueño del alguien mas! y =D la forma mas facil de ser infeliz es tratar de hacer feliz a todo el mundo, que se vayan a la ve*(a.

Y posteo esto por que vuelvo al DA, regreso a mi viejo sueño de cuando entre hace mas de dos años, ser el mejor mangaka de los NUEVE COSMOS!!!.... nueve cosmos... la mamada... soy un pinche geek! JAJAJAJA

SO, that`s why I havent had the chance to post anything >_< I wish I had the time, in fact I wish I was fast enough to do all the things I have to do (sigh).

U_U nobody can understand my feelings!


:P  lol
Bah Im drawing my old way again, thats: no more blue lines, a more american style of paneling, and thick n thin lines. It was very stupid to try to copy shonen jumps manga style(starting with the fact that Dandelion is gonna be in color), I was only limiting my art, lol I hadnt enjoyed making a page in a long while, even my speed is back.

Might not be a better or too different style but I enjoy drawing again!(I love drawing hidden cameos another thing I wasnt doing due to sensless n pointless ideas).

All that was because whe I first started to pencil Dandelion I was afraid my pages werent good enough for the job, so I started to copy shonen mangas to feel safe, but Im not doing that anymore, Im just having fun again, thats all that matters ^_^
Its been a while since my last post, I`ve been busy with schoolwork n stuff, but now Im on vacation and Ill try to post something everynow and then.

I work as a penciler for a Comic called Dandelion, so Ill be posting Dandelion stuff most of the time, hope you give your opinions every now and then, so I keep improving.

Im a noob makin pages so its a lot of help that :iconmacuy10: Is the inker of the comic, he fixes a lot of mistakes I make hahahaha.

Anyway c ya and hope ya like the Dandelion art :D